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Initial Response from the Public

Initial responses from the public on the FOIA request. Here’s a compilation of responses received via email, facebook, twitter, etc:

(Comments are edited to maintain anonymity)

  • Thanks for this -- every aspect of the work you're doing here. 
  • I have been waiting for the day you decided once again to start beating up wilmington's parking system. It's a great show to watch from the sidelines. Good luck. 
  • Thanks… my biggest issue is coming in the morning… feeding the meter for 2 hours… then leaving for an event / lunch meeting… then returning and parking nearby and feeding the meter but still getting a ticket for over the 2 hour limit even though there is still time on the meter. i sometimes take time to appeal it but that takes a long time for a response.
  • just want to give you props for taking this on.  this is an incredibly tedious project, one that many people would not have the time, energy or mental stamina to not only take on, but see through.  good for you.  keep up the incredible work - it is stuff like this and people like you that have built this country into an amazing place to build a life.
  • Thanks for taking this on. I received a ticket in front of the Carvel building with eight minutes left on the meter. Please see the last attachment. It took a ridiculous amount of time and effort to track down  (the individual). After a few weeks of persistent phone calls, a mailed letter, emails, and photos, I finally received a notice that the ticket would be dismissed. No apology, no grace.
  • Good for you, Ken Grant. I had a horrific experience with a red light camera that I tried to fight. Too tricky and not enough time to challenge it. It ended up hurting me worse after a stop in Newark for speeding only to find out my license was suspended from Wilmington ticket unbeknownst to me. Snowball effect!
  • I'd like to personally thank you for this.
  • I thought of you- I got a ticket yesterday and tried to pay online but it said my ticket didn't exist- head slap!
  • I support your efforts to look at this process.

I thank all for the kind words and support – I am confident that as a community we can help make this system more efficient and effective for everyone.

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